Safeguarding Customers Information Comprehensively

News Release?– August 3 2020

(Macau/ Hong Kong, 3 August 2020) – Macau’s leading integrated telecommunications service provider, CTM, and Automated, a subsidiary of the global IT partner – the ASL Group, are pleased to announce the partnership to jointly launch the SOC2, the state-of-the-art security operation center. SOC2 will help enterprises ensure that their networks meet security standards, and comply with the relevant requirements of the Macau Cybersecurity Law in terms of monitoring and prediction.

CTM and Automated held a Cloud Signing Ceremony of Collaboration Agreement recently, introducing SOC2 into Macau. Ebel Cham, Vice President, Commercial of CTM and Teresa Lau, Senior Vice President of Automated Systems (H.K.) Limited and General Manager of CSA Automated (Macau) Limited, represented the two parties to co-sign the collaboration agreement. Witnesses of both parties included Dominic Shih, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Automated Systems (H.K.) Limited, Vincent Wu, Senior Director, Security and Network Services of Automated Systems (H.K.) Limited, Eric Ng, Director, Business Services and Development of CTM, Thomas Ng, Director, Network Operations of CTM, Jacob Iu, Director, Marketing of CTM, and So Wing Leung, Assistant Manager, Security Operation Centre Plus of Automated Systems (H.K.) Limited.

The SOC2 security operation center is located within the CTM Building. It is supported by CTM’s data center which complies with numerous international certification requirements. The center is equipped with a dual-technology platform which supports both Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and situational awareness of cybersecurity. It is armed with close to 10 years of rich expertise in operating security operation center business and serving large enterprises in Hong Kong.

Ms. Ebel Cham, Vice President, Commercial of CTM said, “CTM is committed to promoting the construction and development of ‘Digital Macau’. Apart from introducing brand-new telecommunication services and constantly improving network infrastructure through a sustainable and long-term investment plan, CTM also cooperates with various industry pioneers in the IT field, to bring in quality application services to Macau. The co-launch of SOC2 with Automated has enriched various aspects of our security services. Through the one-stop comprehensive transformation solution, covering infrastructure, network, and security, CTM will help enterprises develop their business at one go.”

Ms. Teresa Lau, Senior Vice President of Automated Systems (H.K.) Limited and General Manager of CSA Automated (Macau) Limited said, “Macau is one of the key markets for Automated in the Asia-Pacific region. We are committed to providing quality IT services to Macau enterprises. The cooperation with CTM, a leader in Macau telecommunications industry, to jointly establish SOC2, will fully demonstrate our strong synergies and meet the pressing needs of Macau customers in compliance with cybersecurity, especially Macau Cybersecurity Law. This partnership symbolizes Automated’s important step forward in leading cross-regional development of its professional cybersecurity business. At the same time, it embraces Automated’s new ‘as-a-Service’ business model to assist customers in their digital transformation.”

The two giants joined hands together, by using CTM’s strong and stable infrastructure, professional network team, customer network and experienced sales team, as well as Automated’s leading technology, rich experience and experts in the cybersecurity field to extend world-class SOC services from Hong Kong to Macau. This partnership can provide comprehensive network protection for Hong Kong and Macau customers.

The SOC2 security operation center provides 7 x 24 real-time monitoring, which prevents and detects cyber-attacks accurately. The security operation team is composed of security professionals in different fields. From daily monitoring and analysis engineers to security experts, they have undergone rigorous training and assessment. In combination with a well-defined incident analysis mechanism, the team provides customers with reliable technical advice on security in time.

With CTM’s advanced 5G technology and strong network support, SOC2 can comprehensively and effectively monitor the internal and external networks of enterprises. In addition, big data and artificial intelligence in ASL Threat Intelligence Portal (A-TIP) introduced by Automated can keep abreast of security threat intelligence updates on ever-changing world-wide security threats, so as to effectively ensure the cybersecurity of enterprises.

SOC2 provides a variety of service plans, and can swiftly tailor services according to the actual needs of the enterprises. This includes security solutions to prevent large-scale incidents. In addition, leveraging the ecosystem built amongst IT vendors, the SOC2, established by CTM and Automated, can unify open source and third-party technologies to quickly respond to the enterprises’ needs as they grow.

As cybersecurity is the foundation of building a smart city, the collaboration of CTM and Automated, not only enhance cyber and information security in Macau’s smart city project, but also effectively promotes its overall development.

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